Are Supanova Lashes Cruelty-Free?
Yes. All of our lashes are 100% Cruelty-Free. 
Are the lashes reusable?
Supanova Lashes can be re-used up to 15-25 times if you maintain them. Remember to always gently remove the glue from your falsies and clean them with makeup remover. To maintain their natural shape store them back in their tray carefully. 
How do I prevent the lash from poking my inner/outer eye?
If you feel as though the lashes are poking your eye, it is an indication that the lash is too wide for your natural eye shape. Carefully trim lashes from the outer corner for a much more comfortable fit. 
Do lash purchases come with applicators? 
At this current stage, we are not stocking lash adhesive or eyelash applicators however we hope to offer this for our customers soon.
Which currency are my orders processed in?
All of our orders are processed in AUD.
What if my order arrives faulty/damaged?
We do apologise sincerely if you receive your order damaged. For us to be able to fix this issue, please contact us with all the required information. 
What is your privacy policy? 
To view what our privacy policy is click here
Supanova Lashes VIP
How do I earn points and redeem prizes?
You must first become a member with us. You can do this by clicking onto the 'Rewards' pop-up on the bottom right hand corner. Then click onto "Join now" and fill out the required information.  
Will my points expire?
No they do not. 
Am I able to get my points refunded?
The points are not refundable whatsoever once you have claimed the prize.